PER – Appendices

A Appendix A – ESD_Approved.pdf
Appendix 1 – Environmental Risk Assessment for Tailings and Mine ClosureTailings.pdf
Appendix 2 – Lattitude and Longitude.pdf
Appendix 3 – Conceptual Mine closure plan_final.pdf
Appendix 4 – Environmental Management Plan.pdf
Appendix 5 – Compliance Assessment Plan.pdf
Appendix 6 – Radiation Management Plan.pdf
Appendix 7 – Radioactive Waste Management Plan.pdf
Appendix 8 – Cultural Heritage Management Plan.pdf
Appendix 9 – Transport Management Plan.pdf
Appendix 10.1 Wiluna Uranium Project – Surface Hyrdology Studies (RPS, 2015a).pdf
Appendix 10.2 Lake Maitland to Millipede Haul Road, SRE Invertebrate Desktop Assessment (Ecologia, 2015f).pdf
Appendix 10.3 Millipede Tenements Desk Top Assessment Terrestrial and Subterranean Fauna (Ecologia, 2014b).pdf
Appendix 10.4 Lake Maitland to Millipede Haul Road Vertebrate Fauna and Fauna Habit Assessment (Ecologia, 2015b).pdf
Appendix 10.5 Maireana prosthecochata Confirmed and Targeted Flora Survey Memo Report (Ecologia, 2015c).pdf
Appendix 10.6 Evaluation of post-fire emergent species in FRE Vegetation Memo Report (Ecologia, 2015d).pdf
Appendix 10.7 Assessment of Tecticornia communities associated with Lake Way and Lake Maitland (Ecologia, 2015e).pdf
Appendix 10.8 Lake Maitland Level 2 Vertabrate Fauna and Targeted Reptile Survey Report (Engenium, 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.9 Lake Maitland Dewatering and Water Balance Review (Golder Associates, 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.10 Millipede and Centipede Landloch Stability Assessment (MWH 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.11 Millipede Targetted Subterranean Fauna Assessment (MWH 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.12 Assessment of the Flora and Vegetation Lake Way, Centipede and WC borefield (Niche, 2011a).pdf
Appendix 10.13 Assessment of the Flora and Vegetation Millipede Project Area (Niche, 2014).pdf
Appendix 10.14 Lake Maitland Level 2 Veg and Flora Survey – Borefield, Accom Camp and Access Route (Outback, 2011a).pdf
Appendix 10.15 Lake Maitland Baseline Soil Survey (Outbacl, 2007b).pdf
Appendix 10.16 Lake Maitland Baseline Terrestrial Fauna Surveys (Outback, 2009a).pdf
Appendix 10.17 Lake Maitland Baseline Vegetation and Flora Surveys (Outback, 2009b).pdf
Appendix 10.18 Lake Maitland Terrestrial Fauna Habitat Assessment.pdf
Appendix 10.19 Lake Maitland Distribution of Dragoncpris outbacki (Ostracoda) (Outback, 2010d).pdf
Appendix 10.20 Lake Maitland Level 2 Flora and Vegetation Assessment (Outback, 2010f).pdf
Appendix 10.21 Baseline Terrestrial Fauna Survey (Outback, 2008a).pdf
Appendix 10.22 Lake Maitland Charachterisation of Soil and Overburden Waste Materials (Outback, 2011d).pdf
Appendix 10.23 Lake Maitland Interim Stygofauna Report (Outback, 2011e).pdf
Appendix 10.24 Lake Maitland Baseline Aquatic Assessment (Outback, 2011f).pdf
Appendix 10.25 Lake Maitland Sediment Survey Report_Baseline Criteria (Outback, 2011g).pdf
Appendix 10.26 Wiluna Uranium Project Stygofauna Assessment (Outback, 2012a).pdf
Appendix 10.27 Lake Maitland Level 2 Troglofauna Assessment (Outback, 2012b).pdf
Appendix 10.28 Lake Maitland Stygofauna Assessment (Outback, 2012c).pdf
Appendix 10.29 Wiluna Uranium Project_Long-term fate of uranium and vanadium.pdf
Appendix 10.30 Lake Maitland Groundwater Reinjection Study (Pennington Scott, 2015b).pdf
Appendix 10.31 Summary of West Creek Borefield Modelling Results (RPS, 2014a).pdf
Appendix 10.32 Lake Maitland Water Supply Interim Report (Aquaterra, 2006).pdf
Appendix 10.33 Identification of Tecticornia voucher specimens (Shepherd K, 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.34 Non Human Biota Assessment (Toro Energy, 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.35 Review of impacts to stygofauna and troglofauna (MWH, 2015b).pdf
Appendix 10.36 Millipede to Lake Maitland Haul Road Level 2 Flora and Veg Assessment (Ecologia, 2015a).pdf
Appendix 10.37 Peer Review Baseline Acquatic Assessment (Ecologia, 2014c).pdf
Appendix 10.38 Peer Review SRE Invertebrate Fauna (Ecologia, 2014d).pdf
Appendix 10.39 Peer Review Subterranean Fauna (Ecologia, 2014e).pdf
Appendix 10.40 Peer Review Vertebrate Fauna (Ecologia, 2014f).pdf
Appendix 10.41 Peer Review Flora and Vegetation (Ecologia, 2014g).pdf
Appendix 10.42 Peer Review Air Quality Impact Assessment (Emmission Assessments, 2014).pdf
Appendix 10.43 Peer Review Background Ambient Air Quality (Emission Assessments, 2014a).pdf
Appendix 10.44 Peer Review Ecological and Human Risk Assessment (Emission Assessments, 2014b).pdf
Appendix 10.45 Hyrdogeological and hydrological Report Review (Klohn, Crippen, Berger, 2015).pdf
Appendix 10.46 Peer Review Sediment and Erosion (Landloch, 2015a).pdf
Appendix 10.47 Impacts to Troglofauna (MWH, 2015a).pdf
Appendix 10.48 Physical Suitability of mined waste for use in capillary barriers (Dunne P, 2012).pdf
Appendix 10.49 Flora and Vegetation Consolidation and Conservation Assessment (Ecologia, 2015g).pdf
Appendix 10.50 Cumulative Impact Assessment (Ecologia, 2015h).pdf
Appendix 10.51 Radiological Effects on Non-Human Biota (Crouch, 2012).pdf
Appendix 10.52 Wiluna Uranium Terrestrial Fauna Habitat Assessment (Outback, 2011c).pdf
Appendix 10.53 Lake Maitland Uranium Project Geochemical Assessment (Golder Associates, 2011d).pdf
Appendix 10.54 Lake Maitland Uranium Project Hydrologic Studies and Site Water Balance (Golder Associates, 2011e).pdf
Appendix 10.55 Memorandum – Water Supply Modelling Results, Lake Maitland Uranium Project (RPS, 2014b).pdf
Appendix 10.56 Centipede-Millipede Groundwater Impact Assessment (RPS 2015b).pdf
Appendix 10.57 West Creek Water Supply Groundwater Modelling (Aquaterra, 2010a).pdf
Appendix 10.58 Lake Way and Centipede Baseline Vegetation and Flora Survey (Outback, 2007a).pdf
Appendix 10.59 Radiation Baseline Report (Toro, 2011c).pdf
Appendix 10.60 Ecological and Human Health Assessment (Lake Maitland) (Golder Associates, 2011f).pdf
Appendix 10.61 Tecticornia Review Wiluna Uranium Project (Actis, 2012).pdf
Appendix 10.62 Technical memorandum (RPS, 2015c).pdf
Appendix 10.63 Lake Way, Centipede West Deposit and Haul Road Corridor Baseline Survery.pdf
Appendix 10.64 – Centipede, Lake Way and West Creek borefield subterranean fauna assessment (Outback, 2011h).pdf
Appendix 10.65 Lake Maitland Uranium Project SRE Invertebrate Fauna Assessment (Outback, 2012d).pdf
Appendix 10.66 Air Quality Impact Assessment (Lake Maitland) (Golder Associates, 2011i).pdf
Appendix 10.67 Background Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (Lake Maitland) (Golder Associates, 2011j).pdf